Metro Art Access: NYC 2018 information session

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018
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5:30 pm
Fine Arts Building 202 Photo Seminar Room
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This WP1, 6-credit course offers Art/Non-Majors the opportunity to visit New York City with two practicing artists and faculty members, Garth Amundson and Pierre Gour, familiar with the city. Students will participate in a variety of activities ranging from touring major public museums and institutions, such as The MET, MoMA, and the Whitney Museum of American Art, to exclusive visits with artists, curators, and gallery owners. Using NYC as the classroom, students will learn by experiencing celebrated historic and contemporary art in one of the world's largest art centers. Repeatable up to 18 credits. No prerequisites required. Meetings Dec. 6 Jan. 17 Feb. 7 Mar. 7 Contact Garth. Or if you prefer, contact Pierre.